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Welcome to the Internet on Things! Use your mobile phone to seamlessly blend your digital life with the physical world into a unified visual experience.

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Trinipedia is Trinidad and Tobago`s very own reality browser allowing you to explore exclusive digital content and interact with the world around you in a new and exciting way.

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It's easy, simply scan items with the Trinipedia logo to unlock exclusive content.

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See everyday objectsCome to Life

Trinipedia layers relevant digital information onto physical items or places, turning everyday objects into a gateway to deeper, richer experiences. To reward your curiosity we are always adding new content and filling your world with little secrets and surprises for you to discover … so keep your head up!

Explore infinitePossibilities

Just imagine – products, packaging, newspapers, posters, magazines, signage, tickets, billboards or locations - can all be transformed to become a video game, a social media hub, a video player or a 3D world.

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