If you are here it means you are curious to know how Trinipedia could fullfill your marketing objectives.

Digital and mobile communications are increasingly growing separate from traditional and print channels. Our platform offers an ideal solution for bridging this widening gap and is uniquely positioned to leverage the benefits of both - increasing engagment, interactivity and measurability in your campaigns.

Trinipedia can help you to:

Connect offline and online worlds

Our platform provides an integrated marketing solution that seamlessly connects to your customer’s online and offline worlds. Connecting real world with digital marketing activities allows your business to effectively leverage existing brand equity and assets to increase reach and conversion.

Vitalize your existing print campaigns

Our platform enables marketers to take a traditional marketing channel and add digital elements such as video, social media, 3D, ‘buy’ buttons and other digital features to drive engagement and increase conversions. Trinipedia lets marketers leverage the benefits of both print and digital in a new combined channel.

Build a powerful mobile strategy

Our platform is also mobile native, instantly transforming your existing traditional channels into mobile channels that are hugely accessible to a rapidly growing smartphone market.

Measure and analyse campaigns

Our platform adds measurability to your traditional campaigns. Measuring the performance of print based media is indirect at best, without any reliable feedback loop. With Trinipedia, marketers are instantly able to measure and collect data on how customers interact. These insights allow your business to get a grasp on the ROI and performance of your campaign - something impossible with your current printed collateral.

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